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Stay Warm and Connected to the Outside World When the Power Goes Out

When you wake up and if the power is out, you'll need a source of heat as well as light. Emergency Supply Depot, Inc. offers a selection of supplies to make sure you stay warm on a cold night as well as have the ability to cook. You should also have a reliable flashlight on hand as well as extra batteries or even a flashlight that runs without them.

Stay in close contact

All the emergency equipment you need

Emergency Supply Depot, Inc. can help you keep in touch with the outside world thanks to our wide selection of radios. Make sure you have extra batteries on hand or a radio that runs via hand crank. Stay informed of any further weather troubles or storms. You can stay in touch with your family and friends via a two-way radio.

Choose from our inventory of emergency equipment, such as flashlights, candles, windproof matches, and solar radios. If we don't have something in stock that you're searching for, we can probably specially order it just for you.


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The Voyager – Solar AM / FM Radio


Dynamo FM Radio Flashlight


Hand Squeeze Ready Light


Triwick 120 Hour Candle


Wind and Waterproof Matches

Triwick bottle
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