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Learn Everything You Need to Have on Hand for an Emergency Survival Kit

Are you prepared for an emergency? From damages caused by Mother Nature and man-made events to any unforeseen catastrophes and natural calamities, Emergency Supply Depot, Inc. is here for you. Educate and empower yourself so you and your loved ones are never caught off guard.

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Essentials for any emergency kit

Every emergency survival kit should include the outdoor survival essentials. You should be in the habit of including an emergency kit in every trip you plan. Such a kit could save your life when trouble strikes and you are away from home. You can trust in a family-owned, locally based business to understand the potential threats that this part of the country faces.

  • Extra clothing

  • First aid kit

  • Flashlight (battey, solar, hand crank, or pump)

  • Map and compass

  • Matches or other fire starters

  • Pocket knife

  • Rain gear and winter coats

  • Sun protection

  • Trail food and snack food

  • Water bottle and filter bottle

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Additional useful outdoor items

  • Duct tape (to wrap around a plastic water bottle)

  • Fishing line and hooks (50 feet long for repairs)

  • Garbage bags (many uses, including weather protection. Preferably a bright colored, heavy-duty bag that can fit 30-39 gallons)

  • Signal mirrors

  • Thin wires to repair outdoor equipment

  • Whistle (so you can be heard from longer distances)